CAPITALLER - capital management via WebMoney Transfer


Capitaller is a special WM Keeper version allowing mutual access to purses and fund management in accordance with different user-defined algorithms in order to automate transaction processing.

Service allows:

  • to set up process-oriented and enterprise-level budgeting automation tools;
  • to define and keep track of incoming and outgoing payments;
  • to set up purses to maintain budget items and implement different funds distribution rules including distribution of funds after a certain amount has been accumulated at the purse; pro rata distribution; distribution by dates or certain time intervals etc.;
  • to appoint persons in charge to maintain the budget items; to control purses of the persons in charge; to delegate the purses’ management.

No commission is charged when funds are transferred within one budget automation tool. Commission for withdrawing funds from budget automation tool is 0,8%.

Access rights

WebMoney passport is required to get access to Capitaller: Personal or higher to create primary settings and algorithms, Initial or higher to get access to active Capitaller.

Capitaller founder appoints persons in charge to maintain different budget items, granting them a required access to purses and functions of an automation tool.

Administrative authority can be delegated, in whole or in part, to other users from a staff list.

Staff – WMID holders with granted access to one or several purses of a given automation tool.

Apart from a staff, shareholders have access to Capitaller via voting. For transfer of shares a service is used.


Capitaller can be used:

  • to make payments between budget automation tool users, when neither funds sender nor recipient is charged;
  • for joint management of funds, where it's possible to set up a degree of transparency required by managing sides;
  • to design billing system based on a fee free interface and flexible budgetary structure;
  • to avoid conflicts and settle disputes when engaged in joint activity. Budget automation tool independence from external factors allows to treat it as a safe arbitration agency in disputes between several managers (with administrator rights), and also in disputes between administration and shareholders of an automation tool.